This is me being annoying and frustrated that I can’t combine two people into one person and have the best of both worlds because I am a selfish bitch. 

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The Reason


You deserve to be happy, I just tried too hard to be the reason why.

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I don’t want to be sad anymore. 

      Never beg someone to stay

— my five word story  (via mfjcm)

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      …And please remember that you were beautiful before he told you that you were.

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Why, why, why did you have to text me today? I need you to understand that I am not strong. I am unable to just move on yet. I really cared about you and seeing you put me back at square one. Text me, left my chest feeling hollow. Let me get over you, please. I just don’t want to cry anymore. 

I switched up my routine. I went to a different bar. Hoping to avoid you…. but I walk in and there you are. Sitting at the bar with her on your lips. Animated as ever telling some silly story to her, laughing and flashing that huge smile. And the fact you had the nerve to say hello to me when you passed me on the way to the bathroom. I hope my lack of response and the look on my face made you feel a little remorse. The fact you had to the nerve to say hello when last week you showed up at my door step telling me you just needed to see me then the next day you’re seeing someone who is “just a friend.”

I’ve gone 5 days without talking to you. I’ve been trying to get stronger. I’ve deleted you off all social networks, deleted your number out of my calls, text, facetime, everything. But seeing you, ripped my heart out. And I feel like even though I’m 5 days strong of not talking to you… I feel like I’m right back at square one. 

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I feel like I’m losing all my friends.

And you’re on a date right now. And the girl isn’t me. Why am I so easy to get over…